Phone, Tablet and other Accessory Mounts for Wheelchairs, Tray & Work Surfaces

  • Mount a wide range of accessories—tablet, phone, cup holder, keyboard etc.
  • Mounts allow for rotation and angle adjustment for precise positioning
  • Customize for multiple accessories—create a unique set-up by adding extension arms and/or different bases
  • Wide range of mounting solutions:
    • suction cups for mounting to trays and work surfaces
    • mount for Retract4 swing-away arm
    • variety of bases for attaching to different chairs and surface

Elbow Support Armrest Offers Increased Support in a Reclined Position

  • Increased support for the elbow while allowing forearm movement, towards and away from the body
  • Allows space at end for joystick positioning
  • Hand Pad with mounting bracket available for side without controller hardware
  • Track mounting makes installation and positioning easy

#66-EA-812 Right Side
#66-EA-814 Left Side 
#66-EA-822 Medium Hand Pad – Left
#66-EA-824 Medium Hand Pad – Right

Level and Stabilize Worn Out Footplates with the LoHum Footplate Stabilizer

  • Mounts to the bottom of the wheelchair footplates to keep footplates level and locked in a rigid position
  • Reduces stress on the user’s ankles
  • Quick release feature allows the footplates to be easily moved when needed
  • Helps eliminate repairs on footplate hangers and hardware
  • Works on angle-adjustable footplates
  • Supports high tone extension and bariatric use

#42-LF010 (fits up to 20″ chairs)
#42-LF022 (fits 22″ chairs)
#42-LF024 (fits 24″ chairs)

Retract4 Swing-Away Joystick Arm

The Retract4 employs a simplicity of design offering unmatched functionality. Full 180° movement translates into multi-position use (straight, right offset, left offset, and fold-away).

The Retract4 Lite has the same streamlined design and durability of the original Retract4 but in a lightweight, lower cost version.

Midline option available for both arms. 12″ midline bar has an adapter mount with horizontal positioning. Retracts to folded position by side of armrest.

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