Phone, Tablet and other Accessory Mounts for Wheelchairs, Tray & Work Surfaces

  • Mount a wide range of accessories—tablet, phone, cup holder, keyboard etc.
  • Mounts allow for rotation and angle adjustment for precise positioning
  • Customize for multiple accessories—create a unique set-up by adding extension arms and/or different bases
  • Wide range of mounting solutions:
    • suction cups for mounting to trays and work surfaces
    • mount for Retract4 swing-away arm
    • variety of bases for attaching to different chairs and surface

Elbow Support Armrest Offers Increased Support in a Reclined Position

  • Increased support for the elbow while allowing forearm movement, towards and away from the body
  • Allows space at end for joystick positioning
  • Hand Pad with mounting bracket available for side without controller hardware
  • Track mounting makes installation and positioning easy

#66-EA-812 Right Side
#66-EA-814 Left Side 
#66-EA-822 Medium Hand Pad – Left
#66-EA-824 Medium Hand Pad – Right

Level and Stabilize Worn Out Footplates with the LoHum Footplate Stabilizer

  • Mounts to the bottom of the wheelchair footplates to keep footplates level and locked in a rigid position
  • Reduces stress on the user’s ankles
  • Quick release feature allows the footplates to be easily moved when needed
  • Helps eliminate repairs on footplate hangers and hardware
  • Works on angle-adjustable footplates
  • Supports high tone extension and bariatric use

#42-LF010 (fits up to 20″ chairs)
#42-LF022 (fits 22″ chairs)
#42-LF024 (fits 24″ chairs)

Retract4 Swing-Away Joystick Arm

The Retract4 employs a simplicity of design offering unmatched functionality. Full 180° movement translates into multi-position use (straight, right offset, left offset, and fold-away).

The Retract4 Lite has the same streamlined design and durability of the original Retract4 but in a lightweight, lower cost version.

Midline option available for both arms. 12″ midline bar has an adapter mount with horizontal positioning. Retracts to folded position by side of armrest.

More information at

Portable Toilet Seat Pads – Skin protection and comfort wherever you go

  • Comfortable, convenient, and simple to use
  • Made of self- skinning foam making it highly durable, water resistant and easy to clean and maintain
  • Ergonomic curvature clips on to nearly every toilet seat
  • Open rear design helps with weight redistribution and reduces pressure on high risk areas
  • Lightweight and inconspicuous when transported in the carry bag

#62-TS-001   1″ Thick Pads with Carry Bag
#62-TS-003   3″ Thick Pads with Carry Bag

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