Lateral Trunk Support with Gel Pads

***Discontinued items. Limited quantities available.***

• Quick release swing away lateral – “link style”

• Available in standard or heavy duty for the most demanding high tone applications

• Selection of Gel Pads for optimal positioning and comfort


Heavy Duty/Bariatric “Link Style” Lateral Support (lever release)
MSRP: $320.00

Left Mount Right Mount
#60-LS-LF1-HD     (1″ tubing) no longer available
#60-LS-LF78-HD     (7/8″ tubing) no longer available
#60-LS-LFBM-HD     (back mount) no longer available


Standard Duty “Link Style” Lateral Support (lift up release)
MSRP: $260.00

Left Mount Right Mount
#60-LS-LF1     (1″ tubing) #60-LS-RT1     (1″ tubing)
#60-LS-LF78     (7/8″ tubing) #60-LS-RT78     (7/8″ tubing)
#60-LS-LFBM     (back mount) #60-LS-RTBM     (back mount)


lateral trunk supports

Lateral Gel Pads with Cover

3″ x 5″
no longer available
4″ x 6″
no longer available
5″ x 7″
MSRP: $226.68
6″ x 7.5″
no longer available
8″ x 9″
no longer available


gel pads for laterals

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