Beneficial for end user with limited range, limited strength, or limited grasp.
No fine motor skills needed to swing away!

The Retract4-1M employs a simplicity of design that offers unmatched functionality for both you and your clients. The easy, low-pressure retractability and positioning means that chair users can get closer to tables and desks—and they can get in and out of the chair more easily, too—giving them more freedom, maneuverability, and safety. And the durability of the Retract4-1M means low maintenance long into the future.

Retract4 1 Motion Swing Away

• Moves from straight forward to folded position in one motion

Moves and locks in position every 22° while it maintains the forward position of the joystick as it is being folded

• External tension control allows quick adjustment of swing resistance from no resistance to locked in place

• Can easily be changed for left, right, or inside chair applications without disassembly

• Joystick folds tight against the armrest

• Adapters to use with any joystick

• Clean and robust design with few moving parts

MSRP $395.00




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