About Healthwares

Healthwares is a sister company of TAKK Industries Incorporated, which for almost 60 years has manufactured a variety of industrial and commercial products, including wheelchair rehab products. In 1994, Healthwares was established as a separate distribution and marketing entity so that it could better serve the custom product needs of wheelchair rehab and accessory dealers and end users, nationally and internationally.


Today our products consist of over 600 items distributed and marketed from our Healthwares/TAKK headquarters and manufacturing center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our line has grown to include quality engineered wheelchair rehab parts, accessories, tires and aftermarket products. Our continuing goal has been to supply high quality, well designed and well constructed products to our customers at reasonable costs.


Along with our always growing selection of quality and innovative products, we continue to offer you the finest customer service available in our industry. Just give us a phone call or contact us via fax or e-mail. Our experienced technicians and order processing personnel are always available in person to answer your questions and serve your needs. There’s no annoying and costly delays; just easy and friendly help from Healthwares—your partner in quality and profitability!

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